At Unfold Studio we believe that design is a powerful tool
and we are not afraid to use it!

We pride ourselves on approaching each client with fresh eyes, working hard to get inside your business, to identify the challenges and create solutions to them. We balance strategic thinking with a highly creative approach.

Over many years we have had the pleasure of working alongside a range of businesses and charities internationally, helping them to achieve their goals and move their organisations forward. We would love the opportunity to discuss the possibilities for your business.

Brand Identity

Every project starts and ends with your brand. We focus on identifying what makes your business unique. Everything we do is  about communicating this and helping your audience relate to it.

Print Design

Printed items can bring your brand to life in a tactile and engaging way. With an eye for detail, we combine our experience of materials and processes with a creative approach to layout and style.

Digital Design

We create focussed and purposeful brand experiences tailored to your users. We help our clients choose the most appropriate platform and approach to engage powerfully with their audiences.

Let’s not forget…

We offer our experience in a large range of services to our clients. Our first question is not ‘what do you want’ but rather what can we do to communicate your brand effectively and creatively.